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Top 5 Reasons to pick a winner Cookie kit

Updated: Mar 11

Have you asked yourself what makes a good DIY Cookie Kit?

We think the 5 reasons are: No. 1 Content No . 2 Content No. 3 Content No . 4 Content No. 5 Content !!

In other words, for DIY Cookie Kits one can safely say that "Content is King" . But if we must analyse who makes a bestseller DIY Cookie Kit , it must surely be "Relevant Content" . We think the real "King Maker" here, to make a Bestseller DIY Cookie Kit is definitely contents in a DIY Kit that are relevant to creating a decorated cookie in a sufficient time frame.

We think a Cookie Decorating Kit should have essentially 3 relevant contents , namely Cookies , Icing for Decor and Sprinkles.

If we study the Cookie Kits available in the Indian market , they all mostly come with pre-mixes that kids need to bake as a DIY activity.

Now , considering the cooking & baking sprees we all have been through , during the pandemic induced lockdowns, one can easily do with one less reason to stay in the kitchen & to top it - clean it! Especially after the mess one now knows that kids can make, as witnessed during the non-fire cookie activities that held our kitchens captive , all through the years of having to home school children with the online classes.

That being said, ArtCAKEtect's Cookie Kits seem like the best bet when it comes to 'Relevant Content' to make it rank higher in our Search for the Best DIY Cookie Kits in the market.

Now coming to the 5 Reasons we think why ArtCAKEtect's cookie kit Decorating Sets are the best , we think they are:

Reason 1 : ArtCAKEtect Toy Treat Cookie Kits come in pre baked or even fresh baked options . So no hassle of baking !! Kids & Adults both can simply jump to the fun part of cookie decorating & leave the kitchen alone !! The best part about these user friendly themed kits are that one can simply get on with the messy play , be it indoors or outdoors. Easy to use , Cookie Decorating Sets are home delivered via or . So no need to move a muscle or hustle . Simply pick up a Toy Treat play kit & get going! Reason 2 : ArtCAKEtect's Cookie Kits have no hassle of sharp moulds. Unlike some of the other DIY Kits meant for Kids, ArtCAKEtect's Cookie Kits have no sharp fancy cookie moulds & tins. which could be tricky in handling for kids. ArtCAKEtect's pre Baked & Handcrafted Cookie Kits come without sharp objects . They come in original designs , popular flavours and in the traditional designs too , to suit every discerning taste bud. Themed Cookies that are already baked to shape according to theme of kit purchased. So basically there is zero hassle of stocking up on popular cookie moulds. Also, its a fun kit to gift a friend for a birthday or gift as Theme party favours as its pretty cost effective and hassle free way to jump right into the fun part of cookie decorating which is obviously icing the cookies , garnishing with sprinkles & candy & making screen grabs of our delicious creations for social media.

Girl and Mother baking chocolate flavour heart shaped cookies  having sprinkles showing DIY kit containing red and pink or white pastry bags for piping cookie decor in the pre-baked cookie kit
Chocolate Cookie Creativity Kit

Reason 3 : No hassle of making Meringue Royal icing. Oh man! Ask one who has toiled endless hours in the kitchen to separate the egg whites & yellows, & cooked them at just the right temperature in a water batch , to avoid getting boiled eggs in place of meringue icing ! Thankfully there are no such culinary misadventure involved in playing with a pre baked , handcrafted cookie kit from ArtCAKEtect. One can be assured to get the best quality and flavour of icing and cookies . To top it , one can store it at room temperature for 12 long months . To think these beauties come with no added chemical preservatives is unthinkable ! What a Toy Treat!

Reason 4: No hassle of colours or making multiple batches of coloured royal icing! All pre baked cookie kits come with 2 or more icing colours as per theme. Simply snip open a pack, add drinking water as per the instructions & whisk to use. What a vibrant Treat! To top it , it comes with 2 variety of sprinkles / candy , which is a definite plus!

Reason 5: No hassles of stocking up on DIY Cookie Accessories for Royal Icing Cookie Decor with ArtCAKEtect's DIY Kits that come with all the tools needed to make a Delicious , DIY Cookie masterpiece. All Edible Play Kits come with pastry bags and twist ties to make cookie decor nothing short of Child's Play! This is what makes ArtCAKEtect's Toy Treats really great that it comes in more designs than any other cookie kit in the market, its more delicious and sumptuous . They have fresh baked, made to order , ready to build kits in deigns that are yet to be seen world wide .

Try ArtCAKEtect's pre baked Themed Cookie Decorating Sets that come in 10 themes and 3 flavours- Vanilla, Chocolate & Gingerbread. To top it, they offer customisations on bulk orders!

Visit to check out ArtCAKEtect's original designs of cookie & candy craft play kits .

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Renee Kumar

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