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Get to Know Us

Welcome to ArtCAKEtect, a one of a kind entertainment-patisserie startup. Our endeavour is to bring you the next big thing in confectionary craft - Toy inspired Food. We partner with the best pastry chefs to create unique and delicious treats, with a playful twist. Our cookie designs and edible play kits are perfect for any occasion, and sure to bring a smile to your face. We are revolutionizing the way people tour - with their with sweet tooth! So come join us and experience the ArtCAKEtect Toy treats experience. 


As a millennial brand, we’ve created our innovative line of eco-friendly and educational stress-buster play kits. Our play products aim to capture the imagination and the taste-buds of the epicures we wish to creatively engage, in “out of the box” ways, to unbox their inner child. We believe that everyone should get the chance to experience the joy of creating something delicious, and share it with their friends and family.

We are the country's first Edible Architecture Toy-Treats Brand, handpicked by the Prime Minister's flagship 'Startup India' Programme, for Innovation using 3D Technology in the Food sector, to make a scalable Business Model. Our mission is to bring joy to the world of food art, using technology, craftsmanship and the power of imagination. We offer a unique range of edible treats with original designs , perfect for gifting, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, farewells and other special occasions. With ArtCAKEtect, you can express your love and appreciation with a special one-of-a-kind edible treat.


At ArtCAKEtect Toy treats, we believe in unleashing the creative potential of young builders of tomorrow. Our products are based on S.T.E.A.M. Learning, and are designed to boost Creative Thinking, Cognitive Learning, Spatial Reasoning and Fine Motor Skills. Our Toy Treats are a great way to help foster exploration, creativity and confidence in the young. With ArtCAKEtect, kids can explore their creativity and become the architects of their own dreams. Our edible play kits provide you with the tools you need to create beautiful, edible works of art that will bring joy to your heart and your mouth. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned baker, ArtCAKEtect has something for everyone.

So, Construct - Decorate - Celebrate with ArtCAKEtect to give every occasion 'The Creative Rush'!

Image by Randalyn Hill


It is our humble endeavour to encourage you to spend more quality time with your family and friends. Our mission is to provide a fun, creative and delicious alternative to screen time. Our carefully crafted cookie and candy kits are designed to give you a unique experience and the opportunity to create something special that you can enjoy with your loved ones. 


Our vision is to  'Think Global , Act Local' and be unapologetically 'Vocal' about our planet-friendly stance , when it comes to creating cutting edge Confectionary Collectables that are not only world-class in every which way, but are also fresh , handmade and a whole lot of fun. 

Image by Lan Gao
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Testimonial Candy Town house Noida

Vidaisha, Noida

Fun engagement for kids. My daughter loved it! I think its the first of a kind in India as Gingerbread House Making Kits we have seen abroad but not here. Also, much more variety of designs, fairy tale castles , haunted house & different house architectures from various parts of the World are available. All edible & educational. Best part is Cookies are made fresh on order & without preservatives. To top it, its a non plastic & non electronic Toy , plus a great engagement ! 

Checks off the right Boxes, this Toy Box!!

Testimonial Pet Kennel Tummy Pets Inn Moradabad

Shefali, Delhi NCR

Fun engagement for kids. Just ensure kids wait to read the DIY instructions on pack & use a Teaspoon to make Icing Mortar. My daughter used a Tablespoon by mistake & the Icing got too runny for Construction. But we got help from product support who were quite prompt & guided us to mix a bit of powdered sugar to make the mortar thick agin which was quite easy to manage. Upto 3 Teaspoon of water per 75g pack is good enough. But alls well that ends well & the kids had a blast over 2 whole days with colouring , decorating & building! Good engagement & learning experience.

Weekend Getaway with artCAKEtect testimonial

Ruqayyah , Pune

Enjoyed a marathon 3 hour Gingerbread House making session on a weekend getaway for a friend's birthday. She was delighted to receive the Treetop Play  Den which we ended up improvising & made it into an edible Fairy Garden! It was 'Funtastic'!

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