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Debasri Das Sharma

MD & Founder, ArtCAKEtect Toy Treats,

Innovoy Retail Pvt. Ltd.

As founder, I'm excited to bring a new concept to the confectionery world; a first of a kind , in India. Our company takes the idea of cookie craft and turns it into an interactive experience that everyone can enjoy. We combine elements of bake craft , art, and science to create unique and delicious treats that are both fun to build and delicious to eat. Our mission is to bring joy to every table, and we strive to create products that bring people together.

Santana Das Sharma Co founder ArtCAKEtect Director Innovoy Retail Private Limited

As a geoscientist turned Foodpreneur, I have taken my passion for 'Plate Tectonics' and expanded it to include food. I have combined my love for science and my creative culinary abilities to co-found ArtCAKEtect Toy treats.

Brand ArtCAKEtect is designed to provide first of a kind creative treats that will delight both children and adults alike. With a focus on quality ingredients and unique original designs, our DIY Edible Craft Kits are sure to please everyone. Come and try ArtCAKEtect Toy treats today and create Delicious Destinations with Cookie , Candy & dollops of Icing!

Santana Das Sharma , Co-founder & Director 

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