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We thank you and appreciate your purchase with us. Please read this policy, conditions, and process carefully as they will give you important information and guidelines about your rights and obligations as our user, concerning any purchase you make through us. The policy concerning the processing of the refund, shall be following the clauses as set forth:


Return Terms and Conditions

  • As you are aware that the products sold by us through our platform has a shelf life and a specific 5 month shelf period from date of package and hence, we will not be in a position to provide you with the facility of Return for all our products and without a reason specified under this policy.

  • In the case of the freshly baked , made to order, construction cookies kits, we will entertain a return request for the particular component that has been damaged or spoiled at the time of the delivery. To raise a return request under such grounds of return, we will require you to provide us with such substantive proofs and further the return request shall be accepted at our discretion.

  • During promotional festive discount offers , we try to dispatch the product in time, to reach you in time for the festive Occasion. We keep products ready , to buffer for shipping & other unforeseen delays post dispatch , during such high traffic days. You may receive a product that has a Packed Date before the date of order,  and not a made-to-order kit like other days. This is purely to buffer for festive traffic and does not compromise the quality of the product in any way. In case , a  made to order product is needed , please opt for the options not having a festive offer on them. Returns are not entertained for orders sold during a Sale or festive offer.

  • We will ensure to provide you with the necessary assistance in case of minor damages to the construction kit or the repair/breakage repair required for the construction cookie. All such assistance shall be provided in the form of tutorials that shall be displayed on our platform. Our Cookies are completely repairable in case of any accidental breakage or manhandling . Panels can be joined with construction mortar and dried , to become as good as new, before construction of Cookie Architecture. You can further contact us on

  • Note that we will strictly not accept any return requests on any customised orders or products and shall strictly not accept any return request on the testers and sample items purchased by you.

  • All the logistical cost incurred in the Return Process shall be borne by you.


Return Request Process

  • All Return Requests shall be placed by sending an email to our Customer Support Email Id which shall be then checked internally with our Sellers and the same shall be communicated with you upon acceptance by the sellers. Upon your submission of the Return Request and acceptance of the same by the Seller, we will undertake to provide you with the seller’s address to whom the said product shall be returned if the same is eligible for return. The seller shall be responsible for the necessary compensation and dispatch.

  • However, we will undertake to accept a return for all the component kits and shall bear the cost of replacement and shipment.


Refund Terms and Conditions

  • All refunds shall be as per the terms and conditions as specified under this provision in this policy and we will not undertake to accept, initiate, or process refunds in any other manner.

  • We will undertake to accept refund request only upon the receipt of the order returned to us from your end after the delivery and if the product is as good as new and in a sealed condition. We will however note the damaged part during your submission of proofs through email.

  • All orders and products returned to us will be further dispatched to the Seller that you have undertaken to purchase the product and place the order from and only upon verification of the product and the order by the Seller and upon an acceptance of the same by the Seller, we will undertake to process your refund request.


Refund Process

  • If your order is eligible for returns, refunds on orders occur once the seller receives the return shipment and is verified. All the return shipping costs will be charged to you and will be deducted from the refunds that will be initiated.

All Refund shall be credited into the source of payment within 15 working days from the acceptance and processing email sent by us or the seller. There may however be an additional delay and we may undertake to communicate the same to you.


Exchange Terms and Conditions

  • Yes, we offer an exchange for your product and the order you have placed. However, the same shall be at our discretion. We may at any time at our sole discretion refuse to offer an exchange.

  • In order to place an Exchange Request, we request you to send us an email to our customer support and we will undertake to check on the availability of the Exchange Request with the Seller and if the same has been accepted by the Seller, we will want you to ship the order/ products back to us and the seller will undertake to provide you with the products you have requested.

  • All the exchange products/order shall be dispatched by the seller only upon the receipt of the shipping charges that may incur.

  • Note, neither we nor our sellers will undertake to reimburse you with any expenses that may incur during the shipping and return of the products and further you shall be liable to make good the payment towards the shipping charges for the exchanged product/order.


General Criteria Terms and Conditions of Return, Refund and Exchange

  • Unopened and unused (samplers cannot be returned)

  • In pristine condition with original packaging and seal.

  • Free of any additional labels or stickers

  • Products shipped from International locations cannot be returned.

  • You carefully inspect and package each return to prevent items from being damaged in transit.

  • The items you return are in the same, “like-new” condition that you received them*.

  • Your return includes the same items and quantity you indicated when marking the return in our system*

  • Each return has its corresponding return label, provided by us, and is packaged separately.

  • The items are shipped back by the “Ship Return By” date noted in your return label.

  • In the event that items you have marked as returned are missing from the shipment and/or arrive in a condition that prevents us from reselling them, your refund will not be processed, and we will not be able to send back the items to you as well.

  • During festive discount offers, we keep a batch of products ready to be dispatched immediately on order, to buffer for unforeseen shipping related delays , to ensure the product reaches you in time for the festive occasion. Such discounted products could have a packed date before the date of order, but would be of top quality as all products have a five month shelf life from date of package.  For made-to-order , freshly baked play kits, please choose the option that is not carrying the festive offer of the season. 


Cancellation Policy

The company at its sole discretion may cancel any order(s):

  1. if it suspects a user has undertaken a fraudulent transaction, or

  2. if it suspects a user has undertaken a transaction that is not following the Terms of use

  3. in case of unavailability of a service

  4. for any reason outside the control of the company including causes of logistical difficulties

  5. if the company does not want to provide the user with services

We maintain a negative list of all fraudulent transactions and non-complying users and reserve the right to deny access to such users at any time or cancel their request placed by them in future. Not with-standing this policy, any specific terms and conditions mentioned on the service page, and/or as agreed with a user before/during/after the transaction, will override the terms and conditions mentioned herein in case of a conflict.

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