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Unlock the Power of Product Customisation

ArtCAKEtect Toy Treats offers tailor-made experiential solutions in DIY edible crafts that are designed to fit the business needs of experience centers. Our custom product strategies maximize engagement and focus on the differences in the needs and wants of target customers, allowing us to customise our deliverables to perfectly match local market conditions.

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"Unlock business potential with DIY Edible Crafts,  tailor made Product Solutions!"

Gala Table


Wish to host an engaging  Corporate Gala or even a Management Workshop to break the ice with the Team? Look no further to add a sense of accomplishment, to solo or group tasks , with our stress-buster recreational kits. Contact us for Bulk Bookings, Corporate Gifts & Customisations or even to plan a Gingerbread House Decoration Competition for your annual Christmas Bash! Build group dynamics in a never before way, with fun recreational edible architecture kits from ArtCAKEtect.

Image by Phillip Goldsberry


Rewrite the Candy Crush Saga with the newest 'social lubricant' in town- 4D Cookie Kits from ArtCAKEtect!

So, kick the 'screen time' & add some 'Scream' time to the Birthday Bashes, Game Nights or even a precious Date Night. Now play 'Trick or Treat' with our Out of the Box Edible Architecture Kits. Contact Us for Bulk Purchase to let us home-deliver you the playground in 4Dx- to get that party started!

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