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It's that magical time of year, and ArtCAKEtect is cooking up a storm for all you cookie monsters out there! Brace yourself for an epic journey of the senses with our House of Cookie Kits! These babies come fully loaded with all the frostings and fixings to create your own candy-coated wonderland, featuring flavourful construction cookies, vibrant rainbow icings and a global smorgasbord of sweet treats. So, roll up your sleeves, grab an apron, and let's get creating a culinary retreat for the holiday party. Get ready to whip up some fun with good ol’ retro confectionary that come in a box to unbox your inner child !

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Testimonial Agra Candy Castle Chateau de Cookie

Ekaksh Gupta, Agra

We tried the Fairy Tale Chateau de Cookie & my son loved to play with Edible Lego from ArtCAKEtect. New & Fun Indoor Play Concept. I was apprehensive at first as we had never done any baking or frosting but it was very interesting & the kit had everything we needed. Great Buy! Go for it!

The Tesla of Treats

Ayesha Mukherjee, Hyderabad

Was delighted to receive this Edible Architecture Toy Box from my aunt, for my Birthday. I made the Paradise Lagoon Cookie House for my Class Project. It came out very well & was very unique & a big hit with my family. My dad gobbled up the goodies in no time!

Testimonial Candy Town house Gurgaon

Dipti Gupta, Gurgaon

My daughter simply loved the DIY Candy House. It was great for discipling her & making her do her homework before playing with the Toy Box. It worked wonders! We loved building the house & decorating it with Candy. It was a two day affair building & decorating. We got all the tutorials & instructions on site & from the support team.

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