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Step 1: D.I.Y. Icing  Mortar

Step 2: Construction Cookie   

pour icing mix from pack to a bowl to make construction cement


Snip open a pack of 75g Icing powder & pour into a bowl . Keep Drinking Water & a Spatula / Spoon ready to get going. 

icing mix in 4 colours given in tesla of treats kit ArtCAKEtect to make icing cement


Use Measuring Spoon provided in Kit to add 3 Teaspoons Drinking Water to the mix,  gradually - one spoon & a time - & whisk.

add upto 5 TSP water to 75g icing mix to make royal icing mortar for construction


Mortar should be thick , stiff , shiny & yet , flowy.  It should make a V-shape at spoon when dropped  from it, back into the bowl. 

Royal eggless icing mortar made with 5 teaspoons of drinking water and icing mortar mix in Tesla of Treats


Place piping bag in a Tall Glass to transfer contents of bowl easily into it .

squeeze icing bags to remove air bubbles before sealing icing bags


Remove air bubbles by massaging the bags using fingers.

Seal Icing Bag with twist ties to cut air exposure


Seal Piping Bags with the Twist Ties provided with it, in the Icing Mix Tub.

Step 2: Construction Cookie   

Halloween Cookie Decorating Kit


Contour & Colour Cookie Panels & allow it to dry completely before Construction.

Gingerbread House Christmas Cookie Construction Edible Play Hut Delicious Architecture


Pipe icing on edges of reverse side of cookie, where the side panels are to be attached.

Attach side panels to gable gingerbread cookie panel DIY bake craft project


Place side panel over piped icing & hold in place for 30 secs till it holds. Cap the gaps with icing & apply support till cement dries at joint.

Anchor 3 Construction
Edible delicious Cookie Castle Chateau de Cookie ArtCAKetect


Jars, Cans, Utensils, Crockery can be used to support the cookie panels in place at the joints, till cement dries & panels attach. 

Cookie Dog Kennel Pet Paradise Christmas fun


Supports can be removed when cement completely dries & holds cookies in place. Repeat process for each side.

Enchanted Mermaid Castle Gingerbread Construction Cookie Castle ArtCAKEtect

Top the Sides

When completely dry, & sides hold , only then place the top Cookie Panel over the  side panels. Leave it to Dry, preferably  overnight , for heavy panels.

Chateau de Cookie Castle


When structure completely dry, then turn upright. 

DIY Project Edible Play Kit Cookie Construction

The Final Lap

Pipe icing on the top edges to lay the roof pieces.

Beach House Vacation Trip Cookie Beach hut


Very gently lay the roof & hold in place for 30 seconds. Add supports & leave to dry.

Step 3: Embellish

Gingerbread Cookie Kit Farm Barn with Gambrel Roof

Curved Roof

For curved roofs , stick cookie logs & hold 30 secs. Add supports till dry.

Wide Roof

For roofing with wider panels, allow the icing cement to dry completely, preferably  overnight.

Cookie Treehouse ArtCAKEtect

Build in Parts

Some designs may require one to build in parts & then join structures to make one whole.

Anchor 4 Candy Bling
Cookie Creek Beach Cabana Gingerbread House with White eggless Icing Mortar Edible Play Kit for Indoor

Flawless Finish

In case of any damage , minor cracks can be easily covered up with icing decor & candy bling.


Colour pop

Your cookie construct is now an empty canvas to try your hand at art & craft. Some Activity Kits come with accessory cookies / floor panels .

Halftimbered house_edited_edited.jpg

Creative Rush

Cookie base panels could be used to pile up candy along the periphery of the construct , to give a landscape feel. 

Enchanted Mermaid Palace Gingerbread Cookie & Candy House ArtCAKEtect


Every Toy Box comes with icing in theme colours & assorted candy , to let your imagination free.


Some roof panels could be in parts. Use icing to cap the gaps.

Cookie & Candy Farm Barn ArtCAKEtect


Add details to make your Cookie Construct come to life.

half timbered house ArtCAKEtect Cookie House Edible Architecture

Candy Bling

Icing can be used to stick candy & decorate cookie panels.

Red and Yellow Minimalist April Fool's Day Promotion Banner (72 × 36in) (1024 × 576px) cop


Place your candy construct on a thick cake board or stiff base, to create your candy landscape.

candy town house ArtCAKEtect side panel

Demolish & Relish

Embellish, Demolish & Relish your edible cookie & candy construct & share with friends & family.