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Step 1: D.I.Y. Icing  Mortar

Step 2: Construction Cookie   

pour icing mix from pack to a bowl to make construction cement


Snip open a pack of 75g Icing powder & pour into a bowl . Keep Drinking Water & a Spatula / Spoon ready to get going. 

icing mix in 4 colours given in tesla of treats kit ArtCAKEtect to make icing cement


Use Measuring Spoon provided in Kit to add 3 Teaspoons Drinking Water to the mix,  gradually - one spoon & a time - & whisk.

add upto 5 TSP water to 75g icing mix to make royal icing mortar for construction


Mortar should be thick , stiff , shiny & yet , flowy.  It should make a V-shape at spoon when dropped  from it, back into the bowl.