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A beginner's guide to Starting up!

Updated: May 13, 2023

Everyone longs for a happily ever after ..

For those at ArtCAKEtect - a Toy Treats startup - a Eureka moment with a germ of an idea is is all it took to carve our own startup story . But before we could have our " Eat , Play , Life happily ever after" , as envisaged, we had to ride the rollercoaster of the World's third largest startup ecosystem #India #Startups #startupindia.

Here's a snapshot of our "Starting Up" tale , one that can may as well be a beginner's guide to Starting Up - out of the blue!

With the pandemic hitting us unexpectedly, and jacking up the threat assessment of ordinary citizens - to something like Y+ security- it changed the rules of the game; more so, by redrawing our personal boundaries. If anything, it brought out a sense of realization in the world community, of its interdependence on other countries. Good or bad, we had much to learn from other cultures, customs and traditions – as well as, press a pause, to study our own- to improve upon our own way of life, to combat a common enemy, which had taken over our social lives, as much as our social media community.

For our start-up, it all began on a similar note, when we embraced the traditions and cuisines of fellow cultures, to add a zing to our days in confinement. It was during Christmas that we baked up a storm in Gingerbread Cookie Houses , to invite home some ‘jolly good company’; one, that was all about 'confection' and zilch about 'infection'- a marked digression from the general theme of the year. If truth be told, constructing a cookie house and slathering it with frosting and candy was a rather therapeutic experience, for an accomplishment-starved household, who had spent the better part of the year hibernating. We wished to share it with our 'friends, mitron and countrymen'. It was then that we found that there were close to none operating in the field, to sell Ginger Bread or any other kind of Construction Cookies, in the Indian online market scene. Given the time it took for a single household to create the dough and bake the panels and make all the ancillary items ready, to launch into our first gingerbread decoration party, it was quite a time taking journey. This is when we spotted a need gap, for a start up to come in , with edible architecture kits- for kith, kin and kids- to let people jump right into the fun part of building and decorating. After all, the pandemic had given them an overdose of kitchen time, and most households could easily do without any more of it!

On that note, it is fair to say that our evolving lifestyle needs and fluctuating social distancing norms have moved every part of our lives- indoors. With online classes, work from home, daily chores and even having to watch together -the daily soaps- a greater focus has suddenly been put on sharing and community living; hence, exposing the cracks in our ability to engage outside of the’ Wassap’ chat windows. Even being quarantined with one’s valentine, or having to stay marooned n a room- all by ourselves- or having to engage, day after day, with flat mates, family or friends, or with those living with us, creates a latent need for creative and satiating pursuits that trigger all the right the happy hormones in adults , as well as kids. This is where our start-up saw an opportunity to put our foot in the door- to step in with our creative treats that redefine creation, recreation and celebrations- with our Out of the Box Edible ArtCAKEtecture Kits, that let you escape into a magical world made of things you can eat. With our D.I.Y. Construction Cookie Kits , we wish to tap into the social , psychological , behavioural and self actualization needs of the consumer , who is looking to ‘play-safe’ , but with fancy, clutter breaking and preservative free products that appeal to the intellect and imagination alike. In this light, there is no better way than to add a ‘fresh-baked’ dimension of taste to playtime, for some Fun in 4D with the Tesla of Treats!"

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