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Your ultimate guide to build the perfect gingerbread house

Updated: Mar 11

Step right up to the ultimate guide to becoming a gingerbread house pro this Christmas season! We've got all the sneaky secrets and handy hacks to make your gingerbread dreams come true.

Be ready to be the next gingerbread architect aka ArtCAKEtect, with our blog on the ultimate guide to build the perfect gingerbread house! We've got the scoop on building a solid foundation for your sweet abode, so you can create a cookie masterpiece that'll withstand even the hungriest of confectionary cravings. From the bottom up, we'll guide you through each step to make sure your gingerbread house is a triumph!

hirl making gingerbread house with icing , cookie and spice drops candy
Gingerbread house making

Ready to bite into the sweetest DIY adventure this Christmas? First up, choose your gingerbread destiny: Will you bake the house from scratch, whip up royal icing batches, and become a master architect? Or will you let a ready-to-build gingerbread kit do the heavy lifting? The choice is yours, cookie lover!

mother and child kneading dough for baking cookies
Mother and child baking cookies

Life is an adventure, and every adventurer must decide what matters most: the journey or the destination? So when it comes to baking a gingerbread house from scratch for the holidays, you gotta ask yourself: do you want the thrill of the chase, or the ease of the grab-and-go? The homemade way promises an adrenaline rush, but the store-bought option is a hole-in-one for a hassle-free experience. Either way, it's bound to be a wild ride!

No matter which path you choose, the end game is to whip up a scrumptious gingerbread house that's a feast for the eyes and the stomach and that is exactly what we intend to do.

Some Quick Guidelines to follow

Constructing a gingerbread house is like embarking on a mouth-watering mission, with the only challenge being to steer clear of munching on the candy and cookies before the construction and decoration phase!

A cookie conundrum: To deck out sweet panels pre-construction or post-construction? This is the big question. Both sides have their sweet perks and downsides.

gingerbread house cookie panels with icing and candies
Gingerbread house cookie panels with icing and candy

Here's a hot take: it's way simpler to decorate cookies with royal icing and candy if you lay them flat on baking paper. Some may say trying to make them look pretty while they're all standing up is a recipe for disaster. Some folks might raise their eyebrows and say, "Nuh-uh! Those fancy panels with candy studs are way too hefty to handle and almost always crumble under pressure!"

It's like walking a tightrope between decorating and building first, but I've discovered a clever trick. Do a bit of both simultaneously, and voila! You've got yourself the ultimate recipe for triumph.

Heading #1: Why acing the base is so Important in Gingerbread House building?

Heading #2: What is the biggest mistake to avoid while building a gingerbread house?


Heading #1: Why acing the base is so Important in our ultimate guide to build your gingerbread house?

The cookie base we select to build our structure on , will act as the foundation stone of our monument. It will be the backbone of your cookie construction. The stronger the base, the tougher your structure, and the better it can brave the journey. So, to ensure our cookie creation survives the ride, let's be picky about our foundation. Your cookie's foundation is the superhero that holds your sweet masterpiece together. Without a sturdy base, your sweet structure might crumble on the way to flavour town. So, let's be picky about our cookie base for our edible landscape and make sure it can take a licking and keep on ticking!

Let's get into the festive spirit with our gingerbread house masterpiece! First up, we'll craft a sweet landscape with royal icing and candy from our DIY kits or whip up some fresh butter cream icing or grab some zingy syrups, crispy cereals, and salty pretzels from the pantry, to get co-creating a yummy miniature world. And for the final touch, we can sprinkle a dash of powdered sugar to create a whimsical winter wonderland frosted with snow. Yum!

boy and girl child decorating gingerbread house
boy and girl two children decorating a gingerbread house

Heading #2: What is the biggest mistake to avoid while building a gingerbread house?

Listen up, cookie architects! This is the ultimate guide to build your gingerbread house this festive season. Whether you're whipping up a homemade gingerbread masterpiece or grabbing a DIY kit from the store, one thing's for sure: the perfect royal icing consistency is key to a sturdy and speedy construction. Imagine a silky, glossy royal icing that flows like a river of sticky goodness - that's the dream! With the perfect spoonful, it should cascade into a graceful V-shape, giving our icing cement the ideal consistency. It's crunch time because if your royal icing is too runny, your cookie walls will be a crumbly disaster. No icing glue means no gingerbread house dreams. No candy will stick on the heavenly smelling flavourful cookie panels . So, let's mix that icing to perfection and get those cookie panels standing tall! So, roll up your sleeves and let's get mixing!

building gingerbread house with white royal icing cement
a man and woman building a gingerbread house with cookie and royal icing construction cement in white icing colour

If that's not all , the gingerbread house blues hit hard when the icing isn't given enough time to dry and your creation turns into a pancake. Behold the 30-second rule! When piping royal icing on the back of the cookie, dab a little extra on the edges that will stick to its other half. Hold the two cookies together for 30 seconds to let the icing do its thing. Then, use jars and boxes as your trusty allies to give the icing a chance to dry and the cookies time to cement together. Voila! Your cookie pals are now inseparable. And in case it does collapse, try again and keep the supports on for longer.

But don't worry, it's not just the little ones who get antsy - patience is a tough cookie for everyone. So, while the icing sets, it's smart to have some entertaining activities on standby to keep the kids from sneaking a taste (or a peek!).

Heading #3: Are you Feeling Empowered to build your perfect Gingerbread House masterpiece?

Are you ready to become a cookie architect extraordinaire? It's a scrumptious and fun activity that anyone at any age can enjoy. Plus, it's a screen-free way to bond with others and have a blast!

a lady decorating gingerbread house with green coloured royal icing
A lady making a gingerbread house and decorating with green coloured royal icing

Don't chicken out! Take a bite at creating your own edible architecture. There's no rule book to follow, as every path leads to the tummy and directly to the heart - all of them scrumptious!

If you liked our handy hacks, do put a comment below and definitely do tag us to your creations @artcaketect.

For tutorials do visit our website and check our our fresh baked DIY gingerbread house kits that are all handmade by artisanal bakers in India and baked to order and delivered to your doorstep. Do give us a shout out! Happy creating!

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