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Top 5 best and easy Rangoli Cookie ideas for Diwali

Get into the Diwali spirit with our top 5 picks for easy royal icing cookie design ideas for Diwali that radiate the colourful and lively energy of Rangoli.

In India, celebrations brim with joy, but Diwali has my heart. The twinkling diyas and festive lights spread a magical aura that sets my Desi spirit soaring. And come on, who can resist gorging on mithai and sweets? Especially the kind that of treats that reflect the true ethnic spirit in all its colourful splendour , and yet comes with an international twist .

But festivals can be a whirlwind, and who wants to be stuck in the kitchen for hours? Enter pre-baked cookie kits, the ultimate lifesaver! This Diwali, if you wish to whip up something extraordinary, but lack the requisite mithai-making skills then impress your relative and friends with beautiful rangoli inspired chocolate cookies - that come with a with a Desi DIY twist !

For those who are new to Rangolis, it is an art form that originates from the Indian subcontinent in which patterns are created , be it on the floor or any delicious surface like a cookie! You can now order your favourite rangoli cookie making kit and just fill the royal icng colours in the gaps created on the surface of the pre-baked cookies, that come adorned with ethnic imprints . It is easy to decorate it with the sprinkles and candy provided in the cookie kit or you may innovate with toppings of your choice.

Rangoli designs can be simple geometric shapes, depictions of deities, or flower and petal shapes appropriate to the given celebrations. They can also be made with elaborate designs crafted by a single person or numerous people together and is ideal for creation , recreation and celebrations.

Here are our top 5 best and easy Rangoli Cookie ideas for Diwali executed with just two royal icing colours!

The floral rangoli cookie holds the numero uno spot for the best and easiest cookie design. Easy to create and decorate , it gives a beautiful finish and kids and adults both revel in their delicious accomplishment.

Rangolis are usually made during Diwali or Onam, Pongal, Holi and other Hindu festivals in India . Designs are passed from one generation to the next, keeping both the art form and the tradition alive. Go ahead and give it a try . Make something bold and audacious this fiery festival of lights.

These adorable vegetarian and eggless cookie kits will add a pop of fun to any ethnic festival. Plus, they're perfect for Diwali gifting!

Gift a Rangoli Cookie Decorating Kit. Show your loved ones you care with a unique, delicious gift that will make their taste buds dance. It's the perfect surprise for kiddos, and a memorable addition to any celebration!

The best part is there is no added preservatives in cookies and icing mixes and comes with a twelve month long shelf life. Easy to carry and travel friendly , they make an ideal travel companion for kids to go screen-free with play time , during weekend getaways and parties.

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